Do you ever wake up and feel like a vagrant? Struggle to the toilet, pull out your phone and get lost in the virtual latrine that is social media? We do. 


Yes, we know. We get it. Most of the homeless don't have smartphones helping them glaze through their morning routine; so in a way, this song is about privilege. The privilege to play music and be creatives. While we recognize this, the song is meant to be much deeper than that, so let us delve below the surface. (If you are looking for musical commentary on privilege/the homeless crisis check out our song, Evolution.)


In our ever accelerating technological society, being comfortable in your own skin is a challenge. Pre-internet it was tough keeping up with the Jones', now try keeping up with the Kardashians! (Hope you have a private jet!) This little song is meant to build confidence and perspective for the listener, to acknowledge existential struggle but also to ground the listener in the aspects of life that they can control.



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