Joe here, writing to you from the rhythm section of Speak Easy. Originally I was inspired to write this song by a friend who despite facing daily struggle caused by the decisions of her family, still worked a terrible job to help people who needed her the most. As time went on my inspiration shifted to a broader theme of nostalgia and remembering where you came from and how you got there.

We all face hard times and we all go through periods in our lives where it seems like we’re completely alone and there’s no reason to continue to pursue your goals. But it’s in those moments it’s crucial to remember that if we give up, we are not just giving up on our goals, we are also giving up on every person that’s ever put any amount of faith in us. 

Whether it’s that time your Dad loaned you some money so you could buy a guitar, or that time a buddy paid $12 to see your show on a Wednesday night, or that time your mom worked a job she despised, every day of the week, to help you raise your children and get you off of drugs, we must always remember we're not alone.

So if you’re feeling lost in the dark without a light, just take a moment to eat some Memberberries and indulge in your nostalgia. Remember all those times you were there for someone else and remember all the people that go out of their way to help you press on. There’s always someone counting on you to be their hero and there’s always someone in your life who has your back. You Memba that time you felt loved and were driven to achieve? I Memba’.



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