The sound of SEZ. Where the passion finds the outlet. SEZ has been through many phases and experiences throughout it's musical journey. The music represents the history of the band, the trials and obstacles SEZ faced along the way, and all of the transformations the music has undergone.

Being that all members of SEZ are students of music with collegiate training in various styles and avenues, they dedicate their lives to bringing you the highest quality music possible. They pride themselves on keeping the writing and recording process organic, using acoustic instruments wherever possible, and relying on the raw nature of "mistakes" to bring out the connectivity in the music.

Please peruse through the catalog at your leisure, everything here is 100% free. We've got some old stuff from the early days, we've got brand new SEZ releases, and we've even been so blessed as to record an album for the legendary Lee "Scratch" Perry. So be sure to check that out! Also click the "music note" icon on the music player to get lyrics to the songs and learn more about them.

If you do like what you hear, then please consider purchasing some of the music on Bandcamp to help further support SEZ's musical endeavors. But as we know, it's not about the money its about the Zed.

Building Trust through Sound. Free Your Z.

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