I'm sure you're wondering what the hell is the "Zed"? Unfortunately we can't really give you a clear cut answer on that. Because the Zed is just that; the unknown. It's the personal experience that each and every human on the planet goes through. It is your challenges, your triumphs, your failures and your successes, all unique to you and you alone. 

Specifically referring to SEZ, the Zed is that personal experience you receive from SEZ. And that's why we can't tell you exactly what it is. Because for every person who comes across the sound and our energy, their Zed will be different. They will have their own relationship with the music, they will have their own relationship with the energy, they will receive a one of a kind personal experience.

Whether or not you like SEZ, is not the goal here. The only hope for the music is to build trust through sound. The music is created so all people can more often come together, compromise on issues and work towards living together, rather than on top of one another. 

Building Trust through sound. Free your Z

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